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Watercolors are water-based paints that have a dream-like appearnce and have become very popular lately. They tend to show up lighter than other types of paint, in fact, white does not use white to lighten colors. All you have to do is just add a little water. One interesting fact about watercolors is that they were used in caves as decoration as far back as the prehistoric era.

Interested in learning how to paint with watercolors? Ms. Rachel is going to show you how! All supplies provided. Open to 6th-12th graders. Register online.

Creative watercolor : a step-by-step guide for beginners by Calderon by Ana Victoria

Creative watercolor : a step-by-step guide for beginners by Calderon by Ana Victoria

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Creative Watercolor offers beginners a fun, modern, and practical approach to a timeless medium with instructions on how to paint simple motifs, create elegant lettering, and embellish projects beautifully.

Popular watercolor artist and workshop instructor Ana Victoria Calderon shares her step-by-step techniques for painting modern designs in this classic medium. All the fundamentals needed to get started in watercolor are here, allowing you to quickly learn how to create beautiful watercolor paintings.

Artists Painting Techniques

Artist’s painting techniques by Bridle, Bob

Artist’s Painting Techniques is your practical guide to learning how to bring out your inner artist with a wide range of painting styles, whether you want to learn how to use acrylics, watercolors, or oil paints.

With progression in mind, this master class will teach you the basic principles of painting and then inspire you to move on to new challenges and create masterpieces of your own. It explains which tools, materials, and methods should be used along the way, but lets you develop your artistic skills on your own terms rather than providing a series of steps to be followed.

Whether you are a beginner wanting to take up a new hobby or an experienced artist who wants to expand your horizons and learn new styles, Artist’s Painting Techniques will set you on your path to creativity.

Hello, watercolor! : creative techniques and inspiring projects for the beginning artist by Dickson, Jeannie

Instagram star Jeannie Dickson has created a modern and inviting introduction to watercolor painting that aspiring artists will turn to again and again on their creative journey.

 Hello, Watercolor! offers a fresh approach to painting watercolors with concise and accessible information. Aspiring artists and journalers will immediately be able to apply the techniques they learn on these pages—including brush lettering—to more than 15 exciting step-by-step projects, from painting origami animals, sparkling glass shards, and beautiful alphabets to producing luscious florals and fanciful unicorns.

Among the features that make this handbook both a valuable learning tool and source of inspiration: Projects include a list of techniques with cross-references. Each project includes watercolors used with swatches so readers can make substitutions easily. Popular color palettes and color “recipes” for foolproof mixing 12 monthly challenges with daily or weekly prompts to inspire painting all year long

Get messy art : the no-rules, no-judgment, and no-pressure approach to making art by GREY, CAYLEE

Getting messy is the best part of creating! Get Messy Art gives you the freedom, inspiration, and ideas to experiment and play with art techniques and projects to create perfectly imperfect art.

We’re always told that play and experimentation is the foundation of growing as an artist. But where do you start? Where to find new techniques to try? How do you bring them all togetherGet Messy Art has all the guidance, instruction, and inspiration you need. Based on the popular online class and community website Get Messy Art, this book brings together tons of creative art techniques and projects, including painting with watercolor and acrylic, mark-making, drawing with markers and pen and ink, sketching faces, and much more.

The fun doesn’t stop there. You’ll also learn how to make your own art journals and trendy junk journals—easy handmade books to work in that are personalized and one of a kind.