Celebrate! International Sushi Day!

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Happy International Sushi Day!! Sushi is one of the world’s most popular dishes! This dish traces its history to a dish called narezushi. It uses fermented fish rather than fresh fish and is accompanied by malted rice. It is thought that the earliest version of this recipe was used to preserve fish in China and was later adopted by the Japanese around the 8th Century AD. Many foodies still enjoy Narezushi today.

There are five main types of sushi:

  • Nigiri: A topping, usually fish, served on top of sushi rice
  • Sashimi: Fish or shellfish served alone (no rice)
  • Maki: Rice and filling wrapped in seaweed
  • Uramaki: Similar to the above, but rice is on the outside, and seaweed wraps around the filling
  • Temaki: Sushi that has been hand-rolled into a cone shape

Sushi rolls or nigiri can be eaten using your hands! Many people in eat sushi this way. When eating nigiri, it’s also recommended to turn the roll upside-down to dip it in soy sauce to avoid absorbing too much into the rice. Wasabi (a green paste made from Japanese horseradish) and ginger (pink pickled slices) are often served with sushi. Ginger is used to clear the palette between courses. Wasabi should be mixed with soy for dipping.

If you are interested in knowing more fun facts about sushi, click here or here!

Homewood Public Library offers many opportunities to learn about sushi! We offer books and videos and live classes where you can get a first-hand experience of becoming a sushi chef – check our calendar for details! Here are some titles you can find in our collection – check one out today!

Sushi Comic Book Crabtree, Amy

Learn how to become a real sushi pro with this fantastic comic-style cookbook. The step-by-step recipes will have you rolling awesome futomaki, temaki, and more in no time!

Sushi : the beginner’s guide

Never before have the techniques of this most popular Asian cuisine been as attractively presented, as easy to follow, and as temptingly photographed as they are in this beginner’s guide. She discusses all the tools, foods, and paraphernalia; lays out the methods for making vinegars and sauces; and demonstrates how to make sashimi creations so special they aren’t even found in many sushi bars. The menu of sushi recipes is expansive, encompassing hosomaki, saimaki, and all-vegetarian varieties. You will even learn all the right Japanese names for each dish. And everything seems wonderfully doable.

Smiling Sushi Roll

Turn your lunch break into the perfect time to create priceless works of sushi art in this humorous book!

With Smiling Sushi Roll, lunch can resemble great works of art, like Munch’s “The Scream” and Rodin’s “The Thinker.” In this unique, humorous little book, modern maki (sushi roll) artist and instructor Tama-chan–otherwise known as Takayo Kiyota–shows how familiar ingredients like rice, seaweed, pickles, and cucumber can be used like paint and ink to create maki that is so fun to look at, you almost won’t want to eat it.

Disney Tsum Tsum Sushi Cookbook by Tsuneoka, Emi

Bring the Disney magic home with 27 delicious sushi recipes! Create your family’s favorite Tsum Tsum characters including Mickey, Minnie, Elsa, Stitch, Piglet and more! These fun recipes feature step-by-step photographic instructions to guide you every step of the way. Perfect for lunchboxes, picnics and snacks, the Disney Tsum Tsum Sushi Cookbook will have you rolling sushi masterpieces in no time!

Sushi Party : kawaii sushi made easy!

This book shows you the simple techniques used to make kawaii decorative sushi that will delight everyone who sees them! Renowned Japanese sushi chef Ken Kawasumi has assembled 55 super-cute sushi recipes… Each recipe has detailed step-by-step instructions with photographs showing the individual stages, assembly techniques and the finished dish. There is also a comprehensive guide to basic sushi rice preparation, rolling techniques and handling seafood safely. The glossary sorts the sushi creations by color, allowing you to easily plan your theme and color-coordinate your party

Sushi Art Cookbook : the complete guide to kazari sushi

NATIONAL & REGIONAL CUISINE. Entertain your friends and family with sushi that looks as fantastic as it tastes! As the world’s appetite for Japanese sushi continues to skyrocket, the Sushi Art Cookbook introduces readers to the art of creating sushi that looks as fantastic as it tastes! Author Ken Kawasumi principal lecturer at the Japanese Sushi Institute is the pioneering chef behind Kazari Maki Sushi. The designs revealed by slicing the sushi logs into delicious morsels can be understated or refined, expressive or playful whatever suits the occasion! A sushi cookbook like no other, this guide to decorative Kazari Maki Sushi includes: How to prepare your ingredients, including delicious sushi rice. How to assemble, roll, press and cut Sushi correctly. How to arrange ingredients for amazing cross-section imagery

Sushi at Home : a mat-to-table sushi cookbook

Let your love of sushi inspire you to prepare and enjoy it in your home. This beautiful guide and cookbook opens a window to everything that’s so fascinating—and intimidating—about sushi, while laying out easy-to-follow tips and techniques to help sushi lovers become confident sushi chefs.

With no more than a sharp knife, rice paddle, and bamboo rolling mat, you’re well on your way to confidently creating your sushi bar favorites—sake not included.
Includes recipes for Tuna Sashimi with Sesame Seeds and Scallions; Marinated Mackerel Sashimi; Spicy Tuna Roll; Dragon Roll; Shrimp Futomaki; Yellowtail and Red Chili Temari; Salmon Nigiri; Avocado, Cucumber, and Shiso Nigiri; Diced Ginger Eggplant Gunkanmaki; and many more!

Sushi Cookbook for Beginners : 100 step-by-step recipes to make sushi at home

Sushi is a true culinary art form filled with colors, textures, sauces, and infinite presentations. And behind every delicious dish is an innovative sushi chef. The Sushi Cookbook for Beginners will teach you 100 easy-to-follow recipes that will help you turn your kitchen into a sushi workshop. Learn the many variations sushi has taken inside and outside of Japan — from classics like Tuna Rolls to nontraditional ones like a Spicy Fried Mozzarella Roll. Get information from this sushi cookbook on kitchen must-haves like a sushi-rolling mat and a rice paddle, as well as learning how to select the high-quality ingredients and prepare them to perfection. Learn to slice, season, and present your delicious artwork as your kitchen becomes your canvas

Japan Eats! : an explorer’s guide to Japanese food

For first-time visitors and seasoned gourmets alike, Japan Eats! is an entertaining guide to the pleasures and pitfalls of dining in Japan, with hilarious insights and tips not found in other books. Whether it’s the proper technique for holding chopsticks or the etiquette of slurping soup, author Betty Reynolds reassures the bewildered and includes mini-lessons on how to read the curtains at the entrance, the menus on the wall, and even the signs on the bathroom doors! What are uni sea urchins and how do you eat them? What are “dancing shrimp?” What is the difference between tonkatsu and takoyaki? Do you pick them up with your fingers? Which sauce to use? And just what is in that sauce? From world-famous sushi to fatally attractive fugu, it’s all explained clearly and humorously in this sketchbook filled with charming full-color illustrations and insightful texts. So don’t be intimidated — dive in! You are bound to have endless food adventures in Japan. This book shows you how.”

The Complete Guide to Sushi & Sashimi : includes 625 step-by-step photographs

These easy-to-follow recipes come from two of the leading experts in North America, who explain everything there is to know about sushi and knives.

Sushi isn’t tricky to make so long as you have the right utensils and instructions, and have the patience to get acquainted with the various techniques. All it takes is some practice and in no time at all, you’ll be making sumptuous sushi that will wow family and friends.

This incredible book provides all the information needed to get started–from ingredients and knives, to equipment, fish butchery, and plating techniques, making perfect rice and so much more.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Published: 2012 | Japanese

An enthralling portrait of 85-year-old Jiro Ono, the most famous sushi chef in Tokyo, whose award-winning eatery is a destination spot for sushi lovers everywhere.

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