Nom! Nom! Nom! Vegetarian Cookbooks

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How to cook for beginners : an easy cookbook for learning the basics / Gwyn Novak If recipes look like secret codes and boiling an egg might as well be rocket science, How to Cook for Beginners is for you. Easy lessons and delicious recipes teach you everything you need to know to get started in the kitchen. Cooking seems daunting, but with this practical choice in cookbooks for beginners? …and a little practice? you can become a skilled home chef!

Vegetables rock! : a complete guide for teenage vegetarians / Stephanie Pierson

If you’re confused about going veggie, here is the perfect resource for basic nutrition information, great tips, a helpful Q&A, and recipes for vegetarian meals even nonvegetarians will love! Vegetarianism can help the environment, raise your consciousness, and make a cow very happy.  But for teenage vegetarians–and perplexed parents–there seem to be more questions than answers: What can I eat? How do I know I’m getting enough protein and vitamins? What’s a lacto-ovo? Does all veggie food taste like cardboard? Vegetables Rock! answers these questions and more on what going vegetarian is really all about, including

–How vegetarians help save the planet, A primer on the history and values of vegetarianism, from veganism to macrobiotics, The lowdown on foods containing hidden animal products, Tips for braving the perils of cafeteria dining, What to say to meat eaters who give you a hard time, Survival strategies from successful vegetarian teens, What to eat in restaurants, diners, and fast-food places
Lists of veggie-friendly colleges, restaurants, websites, and mail-order sources
60 delicious recipes–all made with ingredients from your local supermarket!

The jumbo vegetarian cookbook / written by Judi Gillies and Jennifer Glossop The authors were first introduced to vegetarianism when their daughters announced they were giving up meat. Both moms were initially concerned that a vegetarian lifestyle wouldn’t meet the nutritional needs of their growing teens. But a little research proved that kids could maintain a healthy diet without animal products. Following in the footsteps of their highly successful Jumbo Cookbook, the authors filled The Jumbo Vegetarian Cookbook with more than 125 nutritious and delicious meatless dishes, inspired by cultures from around the world! This invaluable resource also includes an introduction to vegetarian foods, basic cooking terms, helpful hints, safety tips and great menu ideas. 

Lipsmackin’ vegetarian backpackin’ / Christine and Tim Conners This collection of more than 150 trail-tested recipes, the meat-free sequel to the best-selling Lipsmackin’ Backpackin’, features instructions for at-home preparation, packable trailside cooking instructions, nutritional information, serving details, and the weight of the ingredients.

Plant, cook, eat! : a children’s cookbook / by Joe Archer & Caroline Craig With photo-illustrations and clearly organized sections, discover how to plant seeds in patio containers, window boxes, or on an allotment; harvest fruits and vegetables; determine which plant parts are edible; spot pests in the garden; and use home-grown crops to cook everything from bean and bacon spaghetti to polenta chips to tomato, feta, and basil pizza

Munchie madness : vegetarian meals for teens / recipes by Dorothy Bates, Bobbie Hinman, Robert Oser Quick and easy recipes from three renowned vegetarian cookbook authors who know what teenagers like to eat. Includes information on the health benefits of a meatless diet and the special dietary needs of teenagers by vegetarian dietitian Suzanne Havala. Provides nutritional information, and shares recipes for beverages, breakfast foods, salads, soups, main dishes, and desserts. Preface and illustrations by teen contributors

The teen’s vegetarian cookbook / by Judy Krizmanic From Apple-Date Dessert to Zesty BBQ Burgers, vegetarian cooking is more varied and exciting than ever before. Here are over 120 recipes for mouth-watering and nutritious meals, snacks, and desserts–including Easy Homemade Granola, Cold Sesame Noodles, Thai Coconut Curry, and Chocolate Coma–that are easy enough for beginning chefs to handle. You’ll also find a glossary of cooking terms and unusual ingredients, complete step-by-step menus for meals the whole family can enjoy, and a chapter on college cuisine. So get ready to do some vegetarian cooking–all it takes is a little enthusiasm and the willingness to experiment, and in no time at all you’ll be simmering, sauteing, and stir-frying like a pro!

Vive le vegan! : simple delectable recipes for the everyday vegan family / Dreena Burton

Veganism—the animal-free diet—is here to stay. And Dreena Burton, author of the bestselling The Everyday Vegan, is here to tell you how the decision to “go green” doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice nutrition or flavor, and in fact will make you and your family feel healthier and more alive. Dreena demonstrates in Vive le Vegan!, there’s no need to panic: there are simple methods and delectable ingredients you can use that will allow you—whether you’re single or have a family—to become vegan without having to be a rocket scientist. And who said that vegan meals lack pizzazz? 


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