Read Your Sign: Aquarius

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Aquarius-born are the most progressive and modern of the zodiac signs. They are the true humanitarians–doing everything they can to make the world a better place. They accept people as they are and because of that, they can be quite popular! The books we’ve chosen for Aquarius to read are forward-thinking, feature characters that challenge the norm, and are open-minded.

Bored & Brilliant – Manoush Zomorodi – Water-bearers need more time to be creative. It’s a fact. Bored and Brilliant is the perfect guide to using your phone less, with challenges along the way. You’ll become more aware of when and how you’re using your phone, and begin to ponder why. And then make changes as you see fit. It’s the perfect book for Aquarius readers who just want to detach from the world once in a while.

Little Fires Everywhere – Celeste Ng – This may be the most Aquarius book. Mia is an artist and hippie of sorts, and when she arrives in Shaker Heights she sends its perfect image down the drain. It’s a complex story about family and community, weaving tales from different generations and points of view. It’s beautiful.

Long Way Down – Jason Reynolds – Will’s brother was just shot and killed. Now Will wants to avenge his brother and as he goes to find the man that shot his brother, he sees people, hears stories, and realizes things he never has before. Aquarius’s respect fairness and have a deep passion for justice, like Will, they want to take action against the wrong. Yet, also like Will, they understand not everything is as it seems

Ready Player One – Ernest Cline – A talent for being tech-savvy is also a common Aquarian trait. They would be perfectly at ease plugging into the sprawling virtual utopia of OASIS, seeking fame and fortune and solving dangerous riddles alongside Wade Watts.

Little Eyes – Samanta Schweblin – It’s important to note that Aquarius are the innovators of the zodiac. With that comes a love of technology and modern thinking. All of these reasons are why they’ll be drawn to read Little Eyes, which offers a darker and edgier look at the effects tech, consumerism, and capitalism have had on our world. Little Eyes is a prolific warning that every Aquarian will comprehend on a deep level, a cautionary tale that will show the water-bearer the negative side effects of giving computers too much power over us.

Fight Club – Chuck Palahniuk – There’s a little bit of a rebellious streak with Aquarians. They don’t do well with routine and can get easily bored. While most Aquarians wouldn’t go to Tyler Durden-level extremes, they can appreciate the need to go against the grain.

Interested in learning more? Check out some Aquarian authors over on our Homewood Public Library website!

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