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Non-Fiction Books

Don’t be scared to check out these Halloween Non-Fiction titles!


How to draw dragons, trolls, and other dangerous monsters / by A.J. Sautter

26456937. sx318 Creatures in fantastic tales have captured people’s imaginations for hundreds of years. Now fantasy fans can bring their imaginations to life and discover their inner artist by learning to draw their favorite fantastic creatures. Simple, step-by-step instructions teach readers to draw dragons, trolls, giants, and several other dangerous monsters.



Draw scary monster mash-ups / by Mari Bolte ; art by Stefano Azzalin

34138826Fierce monsters go head-to-head as mash-ups in this drawing book that defies imagination. Aliens or sea monsters? Why choose just one? Drawing has never been this much fun.




A menagerie of mysterious beasts : encounters with cryptid creatures / Ken Gerhard

28700181Join cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard on an enigmatic journey through the world of mysterious beasts, exploring eyewitness encounters with creatures thought to exist only in myths and legends. This compelling compendium presents a wide variety of astounding and bizarre creatures, from the Minnesota Iceman to the White Bluff Screamer to the Texas T. rex.

Discover the fascinating history and modern case studies of ape-men roaming the Americas. Experience captivating, first-hand accounts of dragon, werewolf, and mermaid sightings from Europe to Australia. Featuring sea monsters, colossal insects, enormous eagles, oversized amphibians, and more, A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts is the ultimate resource for cryptid creature enthusiasts.


Do ghosts exist? / Hal Marcovitz

28801590People have harbored beliefs in ghosts since the eras of the ancient Greeks and Romans. In recent years paranormal investigators have developed many scientific methods to detect evidence of the spirit world. But many skeptics are convinced there is no scientific proof that the dead walk among us, sparking the debate: Do ghosts exist?







Draw 50 monsters : the step-by-step way to draw creeps, superheroes, demons, dragons, nerds, ghouls, giants, vampires, zombies, and other scary creatures / Lee J. Ames

836403Lee Judah Ames (January 8, 1921 – June 3, 2011 ) was an American artist noted for his Draw 50… learn-to-draw books. He was born in Manhattan, New York. His first job at age eighteen was at Walt Disney Studios. He has since led a career as an advertising artist, fine artist, cartoonist, designer, animation in-betweener, illustrator, and as an artist-in residence at Doubleday. His series of 26 Draw 50… books take a friendly and minimalist approach to teaching drawing while the books often contain no instructional text. He enlisted in the military and served as a second lieutenant during World War II. He and his wife Jocelyn resided in Mission Viejo, California.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.) A wild and wacky collection of monsters and other fantastic creatures awaits you in this book, and by following simple, step-by-step instructions, you can draw each and every one of them, from the Bride of Frankenstein to Sasquatch.