The Art of Resin Design: Discovering New Ways to Craft

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In the past, many viewed resin crafts/designs to be difficult and costly to accomplish. However, today resin artwork is quickly gaining popularity! This versatile material can be used to create both 2D and 3D works of art. Resin can be poured on top of objects, cast in molds, and mixed with other media to create a vast array of design options. Here are just a few ways people are using this incredible material.

-Epoxy resin is generally produced in translucent and amber tinted varieties. This makes resin the perfect material to cast items inside. Here is a wonderful example of flowers cast inside resin:

-Resin can also be poured over surfaces to coat and combine elements. This works wonderfully for covering wooden objects for a glossy finish or fixing objects on two-dimensional surfaces. For instance, here are some lovely marble and pressed flower designs topped with resin: 

-Resin, when mixed with other materials (such as dye, paint, clay, and/or glitter), can be used to create an even greater variety of of artworks. Check out this beautiful crystalline design made from multiple layers of resin:

Resin is also a great material to create small, handcrafted objects such as ornaments, keychains, jewelry, and paperweights:

Resin is a uniquely beautiful medium; but, while beautiful, it can be hazardous if not handled properly. Remember to always wear safety gloves and face mask before starting on your next resin project!

If you’re interested in learning more about the fantastic world of resin design, please check out some resources available in the JCLC catalog:

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