The Clover and The Bee: Art by September Reed

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During the month of August, Homewood Public Library is hosting artist September Reed in The Ellenburg Art Gallery. Her colorful paintings pop off the canvas. As you browse the collection, be sure to look in the cases for her floral art and painted guitars. Fun fact: there are 252 painted bugs in the collection. Come see if you can find them all.

About the Artist

September Reed is a Birmingham artist who works in numerous mediums. Four years ago, she began her journey back into art through the ancient practice of applying henna designs. The techniques she discovered from traditional artist and the experience she gained from her festival travels gave her the desire and skills to apply the mehndi art to canvases the way she adorns bodies. A lover of all things nature, the artist chose this garden theme to represent the calming effect that mehndi work has on a soul and to celebrate the growth that this practice has brought her. The insects represent the natural henna community as well as the local art community that September has gratefully become a part of since rejoining the art world. These communities are a large source of support and knowledge and have been imperative to the artist’s development.

Sample of Artwork on Display.

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