The World Inside Magazines

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In a magazine, one can get – from cover to cover – 15 to 20 different ideas about life and how to live it. Maya Angelou

I just enjoy lying on the couch and reading a magazine. —David Sedaris

I love trade magazines – any trade’s magazine: by entering into what is taken for granted in a world not your own, you better recognize the vastness of the social universe – for there are so, so many worlds that are not your own. —Rick Perlstein

At Homewood Library, we really enjoy magazines!  Patrons come every day to sit in the comfy chairs by the big windows, and catch up on everything from Astronomy to Zymurgy (brewing beer).  If you’ve never wandered into the Periodicals room at the library, you’re due for a visit. Here’s what you should know about magazines at HPL:

  • We subscribe to over 130 magazines for a wide range of interests, and have a year’s worth of back-issues for most titles
  • You may check out back-issues of magazines for 3 weeks
  • Some of our newer titles include: Guitar Player, Teen Vogue, Brides, The Week, Game Informer, Elle, Parabola, Country Living, and VegNews
  • You can buy back-issues of magazines from the Friends Bookstore downstairs

And that’s just the hard-copy collection.  Using Zinio, Homewood patrons can access 13 more titles including The Economist, PC Magazine, HGTV Magazine, Rachel Ray Every Day, Saveur, Outdoor Photographer, and Soap Opera Digest.